About Us


Our mission at Valley Raised is to cultivate extraordinary relationships through exceptional eating experiences! You, as the consumer, are our #1 priority! We want you to buy with confidence knowing that you will receive premium beef, at a great price, that will nourish your family and provide an exceptional eating experience.
We started out on our journey in the beef business with a clear end goal in mind. We knew we were raising a product that demanded a top spot in the market. Our community is home to some of the finest cow herds in the region, if not the country, and yet the beef in our grocery stores is shipped in from who knows where. This is a HUGE problem!
In 2019, we set out to fix this problem. You deserve to eat beef raised by someone you trust, and we are here to deliver it to your door step. Our cattle are raised on lush pastures and finished on high quality locally sourced feed to add tenderness and flavor. When we say we provide "Premium Beef. No Exceptions."... We mean it!
We thank you for spending your time with us and look forward to serving you and your family now and for many years to come!